Tidal Race paddling weekends

This high adrenaline action packed weekend is spent paddling some of the west coast of Scotlands best Tidal races.

The venues we use are:

  • The Grey Dogs, situated between the islands of Lunga and Scarba, 20 miles south of Oban
  • The Falls of Lora under Connel Bridge just 10 miles north of Oban
  • Cuan Sound, situated between the islands of Seil and Luing, 16 miles south of Oban

The days venue will depend on weather conditions at the time.

The Introductory Weekend

This weekend is aimed at introducing paddlers to moving water and tide races.

We’ll coach you on the basic techniques of handling your sea kayak, on how to surf over falls, safety procedures associated with being in a group in a tide race and rolling.

You should be reasonably paddle fit to come on this weekend.

We can supply you with a sea kayak and all the equipment needed for the weekend.

Ratios: 1:4

Cost £180 per person

Dates 2016: To be confirmed