Navigation Training

This 2 day course covers all aspects of coastal and open water sea kayak navigation. One third of the course will be classroom based with the rest of the time spent on the sea, learning to navigate in a real environment.

During the 2 days we will look at a variety of tools to navigate with including maps, charts, tide tables and tidal stream atlases, pilotage books and the use of compasses.

The classroom sessions will look at the theory side of sea kayak navigation but will not last more than 2 hours in any one period, we feel that people learn more by doing and with that in mind more of the course is based on the water.

The practical sessions will cover visual references from charts and maps, paddling on transits, paddling on a compass bearing, pilotage, pacing speed and timing afloat, longer open crossings, windage, and paddling in poor visibility, we will also look at  navigational difficulties associated with tide races and stronger wind conditions.

You must be 18+ to attend the course. This is quite an intense 2 days, so we limit the numbers to 4 people, that way we feel you will get more out of the course.

We can supply a sea kayak and all equipment needed for this course.

Dates 2017: April 22nd-23rd

Bespoke dates to suit.




£160 non residential. There is a wide range of excellent accommodation in this area, please contact us for details.